We founded Yellow Lettings in 2013 to respond to one simple question:

Surely letting agents don’t have to make such a
monumental pig’s ear of things on such a regular basis?”

We’re property investors ourselves, with portfolios spread out across the country. And while we would sometimes encounter excellent agents, most of the time our experiences of them were pretty bad. We wished we could just use one brilliant agency to manage all our properties, wherever they happened to be located…and as we knew that a lot of other landlords felt the same, we decided to build that agency ourselves.

Property management, done right

Our aim was simple: to give property owners a consistently remarkable level of service across the whole of the UK. And in order to achieve this, our first step was to eliminate the most common things that go wrong.

As investors, one of our major gripes was that agents can be hard to get hold of – and when they do pick up the phone, it’s always someone different who doesn’t know the full situation. For that reason, when you join Yellow Lettings you’ll get your own personal property manager: whether your properties are on the same street or at opposite ends of the country, one call is all you’ll need to get up-to-speed on your entire portfolio.

Another totally unforgivable situation that sometimes occurs is coming into contact with a member of staff who’s either rude or just not particularly good at their job. There’s no place for that at Yellow: all our staff have full professional training, work to systems that allow them to do their job efficiently…and are just plain nice people.

How we work

Local knowledge and a personal touch are vital in property – and that’s why we haven’t set up as an “online agent”, even though it would have been the easiest thing to do: we knew it wouldn’t allow us to provide the sort of service that you want and we can feel proud of.

Instead, everything that’s best done on the ground is handled with the greatest of local expertise by our hand-picked network of contractors. Everything else is dealt with remotely by our admin team – who themselves work from home rather than an office, communicating and working paperlessly using the latest cloud technology.

This set-up allows us to handle the very best people, wherever they happen to live – and it also makes for huge cost savings, which are reflected in our extremely competitive fees.

About the founders – Rob Bence and Rob Dix

We’re the co-presenters of The Property Podcast: a weekly show about all aspects of property investment, which attracts over 100,000 listeners per month. We also founded The Property Hub: an online community for property investors, which now has thousands of members.

Away from our joint projects, we’re still heavily involved in all aspects of property. Rob Bence is the director of RMP Property: a well-respected and fast-growing property investment company. And Rob Dix is the author of two of the UK’s most popular property investment books.

From speaking to landlords and investors every single day, we’ve designed Yellow Lettings to eliminate the frustrations that we commonly hear – and with our extensive property experience, we’re well placed to make sure Yellow’s clients have all the tools they need to become more more successful property investors.

Are you ready to join the Yellow Revolution?

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